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Has your GPS receiver not enough tracklog memory?
Sometimes it fails to record the entire trip?
Would you like to record your track more accurately?

If so, the Tracklogger is designed for You!
GPS Tracklogger - front view

GPS Tracklogger is a small device that records position while you travelling. It gets the data from your GPS receiver. It records your track very precisely - with 1:10000 arcminute resolution, what means greater then 20 cm linear accuracy. To position data is collected via NMEA protocol (this protocol is supported by most of GPS receivers) and then, it is stored inside the FlashROM memory. 4MB is enough to record over 270000 track points. To download the data to PC, the program called LogTool can be used as well as any other application that suppeorts MLR / Log_It protocol. Unlike the other loggers, Tracklogger lets you decide, how often the position is logged. Logging frequency may be set between 2 seconds and 8 minutes, what means that continuous logging-time may vary from 6 days to more than 4 years!

The track is stored with grater resolution then the one stored by GPS receivers. The green line, on the graph below, represents the track stored by GPS receiver andthe blue line represents the track recorded by GPS Tracklogger.

Recorded Track